10 Days Before Christmas...Nuts+Nuts Brings to You...Batik Stockings!

The Batik Stocking will be on sale for one day only Monday December 15th, 2014 for just $20 and only at the Union Square Holiday Market! We are booth D42. These beautiful Batik Stockings make amazing gifts for anyone in your life because of the amazing farm-direct cashews and the beautiful stocking they get to keep afterward for many Christmases to come! . Each stocking comes filled with four 2.1 oz packs of our cashews.

Our stockings are handmade made in Central Java, Indonesia and are made by artisans close to where we source our cashews.They use traditional looms and all of the fabric is handwoven. This fabric is "lurik" fabric; "lurik" means striped which is why the fabric is striped. Historically, it was essential for ceremonial costumes and it was worn as part of a kebaya dress, a garment typically worn daily.We are very proud to source our clutches directly from these artisans and provide much needed business support to Central Java.

Please come back again tomorrow to see what is on sale in our "12 sale days before Christmas".