12 days before Christmas...Nuts+Nuts Brings to You...Batik Pouches!

Our beautiful Batik Pouch comes with four packs of our farm-direct cashews. These pouches will be on sale for one day only at our Union Square Holiday Market booth, D42. If you come to the booth on Saturday, December 13, 2014 you can buy these pouches for just $19 each! Our cashews combined with this beautiful Indonesian batik fabric make a unique and special gift for anyone.

Indonesian batik, which is made in the island of Java, is the most well-known and is the most developed in terms of pattern, technique, and the quality of workmanship. Many Indonesian batik patterns are symbolic. This fabric is "lurik" fabric; "lurik" means striped which is why the fabric is striped. Historically, it was essential for ceremonial costumes and it was worn as part of a kebaya dress, a garment typically worn daily.

The making of batik is a dying art in Central Java because now most fabric is manufactured by machines. We source our fabric from artisans in Central Java that hand spin the thread and weave with traditional looms. We are very proud to source our fabric directly from these artisans and provide much needed business support to Central Java.

Please come back again tomorrow to see what is on sale in our "12 days before Christmas sale".