New Addition to the Nuts+Nuts Team

The time has come for Nuts+Nuts to hire it's first official employee!  Which is a good thing because that means our cashews have taken off and become too much for just one person to handle.  Our newest member is Nicole and we'll let her introduce herself...

I first met Cyrilla during this year's Union Square Holiday Market.  I had never heard about Nuts+Nuts and to be honest, wasn't the biggest fan of cashews.  In fact, I'd probably eaten cashews maybe twice in my life.  It wasn't until I sampled the Nuts+Nuts cashews that I discovered how just how fresh a cashew could actually taste.  Not to mention the amazing seasonings her family is able to create!  Needless to say, I spent the month of December eating A LOT of cashews (not complaining).

After the holiday season ended Cyrilla asked if I'd be interested in helping her with some of the day-to-day tasks at Nuts+Nuts.  I decided to jump at the opportunity to work with a small start-up!  Some of my contributions here will include handling shipments, all things social media and performing in-store demo's.  So the next time you receive a cashew delivery, I hope I didn't forget anything!  When a "tweet" goes out, it was probably me!  And when we announce an in-store demo, come say hello! 

Very happy to join the Nuts+Nuts team!!