Chili Lime Cashews 15 oz

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These cashews are slow-roasted with fresh, local herbs and spices in low temperatures to infuse the nuts with a distinctive spicy flavor. First you will taste a touch of sweetness, then a hint of lime leaves, and finally a lingering, satisfying heat from Indonesian chilies. The combination of sweet, spicy with a twist of lime is truly addictive. Our top seller. Beware: these cashews might transport you to South East Asia!

Our bulk cashews come in a plastic bag with whole, halves and pieces of cashews. Please store in airtight jar to prolong shelf life.

Ingredients: premium roasted cashews, fresh lime leaves, fresh chilies, fresh garlic, sea salt, sugar and coconut oil

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Written by Ricardo Adame on 11th Dec 2020

I just tried the Spicy and Lime Cashews and I was amazed with the freshness and delicious natural flavor. Don't miss out!

Written by Jacqueline on 1st Oct 2020

The flavors are delicious. I have sent these to friends as gifts because I think they are so fricken yummy. I use the left over dried spices in the bag as toping on my curry dishes. Highly recommend as a very special treat.

Virtual Trade Show purchase-Cashews-n-Lime
Written by Celeste on 24th Aug 2020

We saw this company and its product at the recent Virtual Trade Show. Online ordering was easy. The cashews arrived sooner than I expected, and there was a hand-written thank you note included. My husband, who likes a 4-5* spice-level, loves them. I'm a 2* spice-leve person, who also loves the flavor, and the spicy level will "throttle" my over-eating them! We'll share with some friends who love super-spicy treats. We'd buy them again.

Chile Lime Leaves Cashews
Written by Tomie on 22nd Aug 2020

Unique and delicious seasoning that you.will not find anywhere else!

Cashew review
Written by Eileen Golden on 25th Jul 2020

The most amazing snack ever. I love that it is made in small batches. Always arrives fresh!

Written by Monica on 15th Jul 2020

These are so addictive!! I've learned, one 16oz is not enough.

Perfect Cashews
Written by Bennett on 14th Jul 2020

The Nuts+Nuts Chili Lime Cashews are divine! They might be the perfect snack food. A bit spicy and full of Thai flavor, these perfectly roasted, fresh, whole cashews are a treat anytime you need an exotic snack. The Trader Joe's imitation of these is decent, but the real thing from Nuts+Nuts are in a class of their own. Worth every cent. Fast, friendly shipping, too. Highly recommended.

The Holy Grail of Nuts
Written by Melody on 13th Jul 2020

I have been hooked on these chili lime cashews since the day I sampled them in Brooklyn. They are by far the most flavorful snack I have in my snack stash. Slightly spicy, garlicky, with a hint of lime. There is nothing else like it on the market. Highly recommended!

The Best!
Written by Chris on 10th Jun 2020

The chili lime leaf ones are some of my faves! Great flavor, but not spicy, so if you can't handle spice, be not afraid of these! Even my dad could eat these.... lol.

most fantastic snack ever
Written by undefined on 26th Dec 2019

This small batch maker has produced an amazing spiced cashew mix with flavor combinations I had never experienced anywhere. To get personal attention with a hand written note is completely unexpected but wonderful.

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