Nuts+Nuts is a woman-owned company started by my sister, Cecielia, Nuning, and me. We grew up in Indonesia where we enjoyed snacking on some of the world's best cashews. Inspired by our grandma's recipes which always won raves from everyone who tried them, we decided to launch a business that combined these wonderful native cashews with the same local ingredients and roasting methods that grandma used to make her nuts so yummy and addictive.

Fresh Farm-Grown Ingredients

What makes Nuts + Nuts special is the care we put in selecting the best quality fresh ingredients. We do not simply buy our ingredients from a distributor/middlemen, instead we work directly with preferably family owned farmers and producers. For example, for the maple syrup in our almonds, we work with family owned farm in Vermont, artisanal olive oil and rosemary from family owned producer in California. First, we undertake extensive research to identify the right partners. Then, we get in touch with like-minded farms/businesses to learn more about their practice and plan visits if needed. Finally, we conduct batch testing to ensure process and quality meets our expectation.

We hope you enjoy Nuts + Nuts as much as my sister and I did growing up and and still do to this day!