The Nutty Club

We offer three, six, and twelve month nut subscription. As a member of our Nutty Club, you will receive 10 oz of our premium, farm-direct nuts every single month. Guaranteed to bring pure joy to the nut lover. Even if that nut lover is you!


Every month brings a different flavor to enjoy: spicy cashews with chilies and lime leaves/honey sesame/black pepper/Indonesian palm sugar with freshly grated coconut/cocoa/roasted almonds rosemary maple sea salt. No worrying about running out of delicious nuts for the entire year. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


What you get: 10 oz of Nuts+Nuts cashews/almonds delivered straight to your mailbox

Price includes FREE shipping. The Nutty Club orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. US address only.

Cannot be combined with other discount code.


When PROCEED TO CHECK OUT, please make sure to enter coupon code: NUTTYCLUB to get FREE shipping!

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