Good Food Award Finalist 2023!

I am so excited to announce that our rosemary maple sea salt almond is a finalist in the Good Food Awards 2023! The winner will be announced in April. See the full list of 2023 finalist.

The Good Food Awards recognizes that truly good food – the kind that brings people together and builds strong, healthy communities – contains all of these ingredients. To learn more about The Good Food Foundation, check out here.

When my husband and I planned to move to California, I began tinkering with almonds. I would bring different roasted almond flavors to friends' parties and store demos to get feedbacks. Before the actual move, I flew out to California and drove the San Joaquin Valley to visit and review almond farms. We would visit based upon our initial interactions and our preferences for smaller enterprises, family-owned farms. This is why we work directly with the producers, so that we know where our ingredients come from and the people behind them.

For the organic maple syrup, we researched the very best maple syrups and focused on eight producers, and chose to partner with Branon Family Maple Orchards based in Fairfield, Vermont. This company is a 7th generation family-owned maple producer, organic certified, and only uses sap from their own orchard of maple trees without any additives to create their high quality product. 

For the olive oil, we researched and short-listed three California producers, and chose to partner with Sutter Buttes Olive Oil based in Yuba City, California. We selected them because they are a family-owned company and their rosemary infused olive oil had just the right subtle flavor. Their olives are grown within a 30 mile radius from Sutter Buttes, a Sacramento Valley volcanic formation created over 300 million years ago. This area is known for its abundance of fertile soil and this directly influences the unique flavor of their olive oil.