Sweet Salty 16 oz

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Indulge in our farm-fresh, premium cashews crafted with the time-honored recipe of our beloved grandma. Our Sweet & Salty blend, a cherished family classic, remains an enduring favorite. We meticulously blend fresh garlic, sea salt, and sugar into a flavorful paste, ensuring every cashew is coated in flavorful goodness. These cashews are slow-roasted in nourishing coconut oil, allowing the flavors to mature and intensify. Roasting the nuts in small batches ensures a satisfyingly sweet and savory crunch in every plump cashew. 

Ingredients: Indonesian cashews, fresh garlic, sea salt, sugar and coconut oil.

Our 16 oz bulk cashews come in a plastic bag with whole, halves and pieces of cashews. Please store in airtight jar to prolong shelf life.


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