Chili Lime Cashews 16 oz

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These cashews are slow-roasted with fresh, local herbs and spices in low temperatures to infuse the nuts with a distinctive spicy flavor. First you will taste a touch of sweetness, then a hint of lime leaves, and finally a lingering, satisfying heat from Indonesian chilies. The combination of sweet, spicy with a twist of lime is truly addictive. Our top seller. Beware: these cashews might transport you to South East Asia!

Our bulk cashews come in a plastic bag with whole, halves and pieces of cashews. Please store in airtight jar to prolong shelf life.

Ingredients: premium roasted cashews, fresh lime leaves, fresh chilies, fresh garlic, sea salt, sugar and coconut oil

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The best healthy before dinner snack
Written by Jen K on 9th Dec 2023

These chili cashews are my go to snack while I’m making dinner- they’re super flavorful and not going to kill my appetite before dinner. I’ll also snack on these at my desk- they’re addicting and good for you!

Tasty cashews!
Written by Mary Miller on 5th Dec 2023

These nuts are always fresh and wonderfully tasty. I lived in SE Asia for eight years, and I learned to love the taste of makrut lime leaves. They are a perfect accompaniment to the cashews. I find this treat almost addictive!

A+ Cashews
Written by KC on 4th Dec 2023

Have been enjoying this for years. Always favorite by family and friends. A+ Premium cashews!

The best snack you could ask for!
Written by Angela on 24th Dec 2022

My mom is from Thailand and I got her addicted to these, so much so that she raves about them every year when I get them for Christmas every year. She travels a few times a year, and I get the smaller bags occasionally at work so she can pack them in her luggage for her travels, but she enjoys the larger bags for snacking at home whenever. Thank you for being such a great company and for having an incredible and healthy snack!

Cashews & Almonds
Written by Jim Mallory on 8th Aug 2022

I recently received a small bag of almonds and a 1 pound bag of chili lime cashews. The almonds were great and highly addictive. I ate the whole bag in one sitting. That's about the fastest way to gain 4 pounds in one day that I've ever done! I'm scared to open the cashews for the same reason, and will give them away as a gift. I hope to get a few from the opened bag, but I'm not counting on it. ;-)

One of the best things ever
Written by Henry Bloom on 17th May 2022

Can’t say much more than that

Chili Lime Cashews
Written by Celeste on 6th May 2022

My husband loves spicy food, and these nuts are a perfect treat for him.

Written by Shane on 1st Feb 2022

Probably my favorite cashew preparation

Chili lime cashews
Written by Lynne on 24th Aug 2021

These are the best nuts I have ever eaten. The perfect combination of nuts with the heat of chili and the flavor of lime. The cashews are better than any I have tasted, they are so fresh and are not oily like fried cashews. Everyone in my house that tried them raved about them. I will definitely be a regular customer.

Deliciously addictive
Written by Kimberly on 27th May 2021

These are the perfect combination of spicy and citrusy with just a tiny hint of sweetness. I can’t stop eating them.

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