Chili Lime Cashews (2 bags)

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Each order includes 2 bags, each filled with 4 oz of these irresistible cashews.

Indulge in our premium gourmet cashews, meticulously slow-roasted with locally sourced herbs and spices at low temperatures to impart a unique and spicy flavor profile. With every bite, you'll embark on a flavor journey, beginning with a gentle touch of sweetness, followed by the subtle essence of lime leaves, and culminating in a satisfying, lingering heat from authentic Indonesian chilies. The combination of sweet, spicy, and zesty lime creates an irresistible addiction.

Beware these cashews might transport you to South East Asia!

Ingredients: Indonesian cashews, fresh lime leaves, fresh chilies, fresh garlic, sea salt, sugar and coconut oil.

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Fresh and delicious!
Written by Susan Miller on 14th May 2024

These tasty cashews are often my go-to snack. They are always fresh and the lime-leaf fragments in the package are a perfect accompaniment to them. Highly recommended.

Written by Mary on 5th Dec 2023

These nuts are always fresh and wonderfully tasty. I lived in SE Asia for eight years, and I learned to love the taste of makrut lime leaves. They are a perfect accompaniment to the cashews. I find this treat almost addictive!

Daily delight!
Written by Fran on 16th Sep 2023

The chili lime cashews are sublime. A true daily delight. So fresh and flavorful.!

These are so delicious
Written by Ingrid on 14th Jun 2023

Friends and I lived in Thailand when we were little. These cashews remind us of those delicious days.

delicious nuts!
Written by mary on 5th Jan 2023

I can't stop eating these nuts! The magrut lime leaf imparts an unusual, lovely flavor that enhances the rich flavor of these cashews, and the peppers give just the right amount of zip. The nuts are very, very fresh.

Written by Penny on 7th Dec 2021

Love the chili lime - like the spicy ness.

Highly addictive
Written by Dan W. on 11th Sep 2021

These nuts are dangerous. They are so, so good. I can’t wait to reach for my daily palm full…

Best cashews ever!
Written by Kunal Desai on 19th Nov 2020

These are amazing and so unique! This business is all about their customers. They sent me a personal letter and gave me a free sample of their black pepper cashews which were very tasty! If you are on the fence please pull the trigger on these delicious nuts!

Perfect amount of heat
Written by Rebecca Gahner on 26th Dec 2019

These are delicious! They are spicy but I enjoyed them and I usually am not a fan of heat, but these have a perfect amount of heat to them.

Written by scott on 6th Feb 2018

Loved the product. The best from this company

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