Lightly Salted Cashews (2 bags)

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Each order includes 2 bags, each containing 4 oz of these delectable cashews. 

Discover a cherished family heirloom recipe! Our artisanal process involves slow-roasting top-tier cashews infused with the vibrant flavors of fresh garlic, a touch of sea salt, and the nourishing essence of coconut oil—all carefully executed at low temperatures. This meticulous method guarantees a uniformly golden hue and a satisfying crunch that permeates every single cashew. The outcome? A lightly salted, gently toasted (never overdone!), and irresistibly crunchy cashew with a subtle hint of garlic that elevates the umami experience. Our enduring love for these classic roasted cashews is unwavering!

Ingredients: Indonesian cashews, fresh garlic, sea salt, and coconut oil.


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Fabulous cashews!
Written by Dena on 26th Dec 2022

I ordered the cashews for my father for a gift and they did not disappoint. He and I are totally addicted to them. I can’t wait to try other things but I will definitely be ordering more cashews very soon!

Delicious, buttery, layered with flavor
Written by Haley Marie Keith on 25th Jun 2021

I am not a huge cashew or nut person. I eat them on occasion or when I am on a health kick. I tasted my first Nuts+Nuts cashews after receiving gift box and my husband and I were hooked. There is something deliciously different about these nuts. The lightly salted flavor is not oily but totally pure buttery and Smokey at the end. These are cashews I would choose over chips.

Written by Diana L Prechter on 13th Jan 2021

The most delicious cashews I've ever tasted.

Simple and excellent
Written by Doug on 6th Aug 2020

These are the crunchiest, freshest-tasting cashews you'll ever eat. If you want to experience the purest form of these nuts, this is the one for you.

Classic and perfect
Written by Chris on 10th Jun 2020

OMG please help me I think I'm addicted...

Best tasting nuts
Written by undefined on 23rd Dec 2015

Most freshest nuts that I ever tasted

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