Nuts+Nuts is Changing its Look

It’s time to say goodbye to our original packaging design as Nuts+Nuts is finally getting a much needed makeover! The change was decided based on customer and buyer feedback which strongly indicated that a rebranding was in order. Here’s what you c

New Addition to the Nuts+Nuts Team

The time has come for Nuts+Nuts to hire it's first official employee!  Which is a good thing because that means our cashews have taken off and become too much for just one person to handle.  Our newest member is Nicole and we'll let her int

Deviled Eggs with Cashews Recipe

We’re in the month of April and that means many of us might be coloring eggs or searching for them in an egg hunt! With all those eggs on hand we’re supplying you with a recipe for deviled eggs. We actually played with two different versions of this

Kiva Zip Loan

Some exciting things are happening here at Nuts+Nuts! I’m happy to announce that I just finished the 10,000 Goldman Sachs and Tory Burch Small Businesses program! Designed by Goldman Sachs, this program provides entrepreneurs with the busines