Where Cashews Come From

The average person rarely questions where cashews come from and this fact is proven every time we work a market. People stopping by our booth are often amazed to hear where cashews come from so we thought it would be nice to post a little background

Asparagus with Black Pepper Cashews

Ingredients:1/2 small read onionzest of 1/2 lemon1 tbsp olive oil1 lb of asparagus, woody ends trimmed1/2 cup of chopped Nuts+Nuts black pepper cashewsSalt - Sauté asparagus and red onion with olive oil until tender (about 4 minutes)- Add lemon zest

Macaroni & Cheese Dish for Mother’s Day

I grew up in a home that celebrates and loves food!  Every occasion is a chance to make and enjoy good food with the family.  My mom has this one recipe for Macaroni & Cheese that she cooks every Easter and our entire family is invited

Nuts+Nuts is Changing its Look

It’s time to say goodbye to our original packaging design as Nuts+Nuts is finally getting a much needed makeover! The change was decided based on customer and buyer feedback which strongly indicated that a rebranding was in order. Here’s what you c

New Addition to the Nuts+Nuts Team

The time has come for Nuts+Nuts to hire it's first official employee!  Which is a good thing because that means our cashews have taken off and become too much for just one person to handle.  Our newest member is Nicole and we'll let her int